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Love The Sound Of Your Voice?

Tips for overcoming fear of public speaking

"When I developed my logo, I chose the colors of the rainbow, because it truly resembles the Human Voice which can communicate every nuance of color. "Our Human Voice and our Persona are our most 'valuable and organic' tools for communication".

Ask your Voice™, is another way of saying, 'how is your Voice', which is what I often heard when entering the Stage door of an International Opera theatre or Concert hall. I was always greeted, 'good evening", followed immediately in the same phrase, "How's the Voice this evening?'

The one common denominator I have discovered with my clients is that they were able to communicate more effectively with impact, ease and confidence. They discovered and unleashed new beauty, hidden nuances of colors, variety of expression and power in both their Voice and Persona. The most rewarding result was to see how some clients grew to appreciate and expand their Persona, and most especially, how some discovered their real Voice for the first time."

"The Human Voice is like a kaleidoscope enriched with harmonic content of sounds, enabling one to express a variety of thoughts and emotions; the most 'organic' instrument for communication."
Marie Terese Letorney, Founder & Director of Ask your Voice™

Founder & Director Marie Terese Letorney's multicultural professional and academic background makes her truly unique and highly valued among her Fortune 500 and European Union and Trade association clients. She is both an international opera singer as well as having obtained a Master's Degree in the Science of Management.

Having performed on renowned European operatic and concert stages, Marie Terese was recognized internationally by both the public and press with great enthusiasm. Before embarking on her European career, she was laureate of the International Pavarotti Competition in Philadelphia, the Liederkranz Competition in New York and also received "Debut of the Week" from the renowned New York Times.

With her international experience performing in the multi-cultural arena of the classical arts of twenty years, Marie Terese developed an innovative method for all languages that is creative, effective and of high quality to assist one to 'optimise their Voice' and 'enhance their Persona' to their fullest capacity. Numerous Seminars and Master Classes have been presented to transatlantic, clientele which range from Fortune 500 companies in the Telecom, Banking, Technology/IT, Pharmaceutical/Chemical and Financial industries, including Trade associations Universities and the European Union's Parliament and Commission receiving positive and winning results. Marie Terese was invited as guest speaker at the European Association Communication Summit and continues to guest speak at various international forums, institutions and associations.

Marie Terese holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Voice from the Boston Conservatory and following her operatic career a Master Degree from Boston University.

With the explosion of today's digital and cultural global diversity, Marie Terese believes that your Voice & Persona are your most 'valuable and organic tools' for Communication especially with the necessity for Diversity & Inclusion.